Impactful insights drive
profitable strategies

Winning with Loyalty means knowing your customers inside and out.

Understanding and listening to your customers is critical and with proper planning you will know what they’ll do before they do. Using our proprietary research methods, our experts can define a roadmap for learning how your customers are truly behaving so you can maximize your loyalty efforts at every turn. 

Our consulting practice delivers ongoing, specific and quick results. Discover your customers’ rational and emotional loyalty with Brierley’s Loyalty Quotient (BLQ) or tap into key insights with our FAST Track consulting services.

Measure your brand’s true loyalty:
fast, affordable and actionable.
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To make a quick impact, FAST Track Consulting delivers rapid insights and custom analytics solutions. Learn more

Meaningful insights and analytics creates an action path to predicting customer behaviors.

Our analysts and data scientists partner with our strategy consultants on every solution to support our clients with all aspects of business analytics. We believe analytics must inform actionable business strategy and that simple solutions drive results, enabling ongoing progress.

Interactive Reporting, Self-Service Data Visualization

Experience an intuitive GUI paired with rich data that allows users to build their own queries and seamlessly download results.

Research and Consumer Listening

Our team of experts integrate qualitative and quantitative research in meaningful decision making.

Segmentation, Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling

Our proprietary tools create highly personalized and prescriptive campaigns urging customer next best actions.

Our Trusted Advisors work hard for you.

Whether we’re designing a new loyalty program, promoting new customer experiences or optimizing data to its full potential, our team creates unique solutions that delight your customers while driving profitability and increasing your brand’s reputational capital. Our goal is to be your Trusted Advisor, continuously collaborating on strategic action plans that produce immediate and measurable results.

Brierley reimagines C-Store loyalty, over and over again

Brierley’s award-winning program for 7-Eleven transformed convenience store loyalty. Over time, Brierley's Strategy experts led the way with transformative forward-thinking and profitable solutions.

Brierley helps leading food service provider get a bigger piece of the pie

Leveraging our comprehensive design process, they built and launched a multichannel loyalty program that is acquiring new customers and shifting share of wallet in a highly competitive industry.