Loyalty+, Brierley's Loyalty SaaS platform from Capillary Technologies

Intelligent Loyalty

powered by Actionable AI

  • Capillary Technologies

    AI-Powered, Data-Driven, Engagement-Based Loyalty Solution

    The award-winning Intelligent Loyalty suite from Capillary Technologies is an actionable, prescriptive, and configurable cloud-based solution for loyalty management. The Intelligent Loyalty Platform (Loyalty+, Insights+, Engage+, CDP+, Rewards+) is the ultimate solution for customer loyalty. The comprehensive platform provides a seamless approach to engaging customers and maximizing your brand's success. With Intelligent Loyalty and our industry-leading experts, Brierley can position your brand for efficient customer engagement.

    Fueled by big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, the Intelligent Loyalty platform enables brands to digitally transform and deliver exceptional customer experiences (CXs). By taking advantage of Intelligent Loyalty's end-to-end loyalty solution, brands can increase consumer loyalty, achieve their business goals, and stay ahead in today's dynamic marketplace.

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  • Loyalty+
    Engagement-based experiential loyalty platform

    Loyalty+ provides complete online, in-store, & social media-based solutions to increase loyalty program engagement. Loyalty+ is an actionable, prescriptive, & configurable solution for loyalty management, allowing brands to leverage big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to build consumer loyalty.

  • Insights+
    Actionable AI & ML-powered predictive analytics

    A single platform that seamlessly collects, analyses, and interprets data. A centralized data model and measured approach to representing your business in one complete view. No gaps, no compatibility issues, and no shortage of tools.

  • Engage+
    Connect & build lasting relationships with consumers

    Engage+ is an AI-powered consumer engagement platform that empowers brands to connect with end-consumers in real-time and build meaningful, long-lasting experiences. It improves conversion by providing end-to-end personalized campaign automation solutions.

  • CDP+
    Advanced consumer data platform (CDP)

    Capillary CDP+ is an advanced consumer data platform that promises to unlock critical data for your business. Data is the foundation of business intelligence, but companies struggle to make sense of their data and create value with their data investments. CDP+ helps brands use data efficiently and create value with their data investments.