Bringing brands to life; and life to brands

Brierley has a long history of helping brands grow.

Customer Engagement is the art and science of creating unique and remarkable experiences at every step of the customer journey—creating dramatically more profitable customer relationships. From co-creating involvement techniques to experience innovation, Brierley has the expertise and tools to drive customer engagement and growth.

Inspired Innovation

We host ideation workshops about your brand’s emotional and rational drivers to help your brand create a roadmap for unique customer experiences.

Excellent Execution

We lead brands through the process of building their engagement engine and bringing a brand to life through emotionally enriched customer engagements.

We keep the conversation going and sales come naturally.

We focus on the high growth potential found in the gap between discount programs and structured brand messaging. We believe in creating an always-on engagement engine that meets your prospects and customers on their schedule, in their moment. We move brands closer to the way consumers choose to interact with your brand and each other. Research shows that brands that use empathy, experiences, and engagement tools are up to 60% more profitable than those that are not.

  • What brand
    value do

    We help brands focus on the unique qualities that best demonstrate the brand’s value.

  • What brand engagement fuels positive experiences?

    Interactive brand experiences across multiple interactions keeps engagement fresh.

  • What
    brand tools

    We equip brands with tools that connect their customers in their moment of truth.

Contact Brierley Customer Engagement

Let’s collaborate and create remarkable customer experiences, empower your brand dialogue and fuel your customer engagements with field-tested strategic solutions.

Find out how your customer engagements stack up.

Competitive and Emotional Loyalty analysis with strategic cohort interviews benchmarks your current efforts.

See Brierley’s

One client used B-stamp to drive sales associate interaction, foot-traffic, and zero-party data

Create quests and challenges

GameStop partnered with Brierley to drive specific purchasing behaviors through gamification.

Gamify the experience

Games increase email dwell time and interaction. Maximize email offers with app-like experiences.

Build your engagement

Roadmaps guide your evolving digital engagement. Set a north star, identify gaps, plan optimum refreshes.


Distinguish yourself from the competition. Identify engagement tablestakes and uncover gaps.

Identify anonymous
visitors to your

Acquire shoppers from qualified prospect lists by appending contact info to anonymous site visitors.

Multi-language Omnichannel Communications

Leverage locale and language preference data to personalize emails using a single multilingual template.