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Custom Analytics

Get to the heart of customer attitudes, advocacy, and other key emotional drivers. We develop modeling, proļ¬ling, insights, and business intelligence to get you profit-driving insights.

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  • Program Health Assessment

    We score your program on key performance metrics and compare the results to industry benchmarks, identifying next actionable steps to increase customers’ lifetime value.

  • Program Cost-Benefit Analysis

    We provide a comprehensive, objective evaluation of program benefits (incremental revenue) and costs to measure your return on investment and identify your greatest opportunities for growth.

  • Core Customer Segmentation

    We group your customers into actionable types and work directly with you to identify a topline solution for optimizing marketing and communications.

  • Customer Demographic Profiling

    We leverage specific data about your customer base to identify key segments and traits, informing marketing tactics for existing and prospective customers.

  • Brand & Program Tracker

    We deploy a survey tailored to your business needs, providing an objective analysis of your current customers’ brand and program perceptions, which enables you to track progress toward goals.

  • Propensity Modeling

    We develop precision models from your current customer data to determine best actions for increasing response and driving the profitable behaviors that matter most to your business.

  • Proactive Churn Modeling

    Our experts analyze your company’s data to identify at-risk customers and determine cost-effective, highly personalized retention campaigns for your business.

  • Lifetime Value Modeling

    Brierley’s team forecasts the future value of each customer to your brand, enabling you to make strategic decisions with your marketing funds and optimize returns.

  • Personalized Product Recommendations

    Using customer-centric data, we identify purchase patterns and utilize proprietary tools to rank product recommendations for highly personalized and prescriptive campaigns.

  • KPI/Metric Audit & Dashboard Design

    Our experts work with you to evaluate and enhance your existing BI reports and dashboards, ensuring you cleanly track the most actionable KPIs for your business.

  • Analytic Vision & Roadmap

    Our experts collaborate with your team to review your existing analytic solutions and craft an actionable analytic roadmap that informs your strategic efforts and aligns with your growth plan.

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Innovative Strategies

Rely on our decades of experience to drive ROI and increase incremental revenue using specialized insights unique to your customers and business model.

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  • Emotional Loyalty Measurement

    Identify the depth of your customers’ emotional and rational connections to your brand and loyalty program with our proprietary Brierley Loyalty Quotient.

  • Relationship Analyzer

    Employ a specialized set of research questions to gain a better understanding of customer sentiment toward your marketing efforts, loyalty program, and/or CRM initiatives.

  • Loyalty Checkup

    Strategists will score existing program elements against best-in-class core design principles and develop recommendations for near-term wins and immediate program enhancements..

  • Competitive Evaluation

    By assessing the loyalty landscape and competitors’ offerings, we identify gaps in the market and recommend ways to differentiate your program.

  • Communications Audit

    Our strategy team will inventory customer communications and analyze engagement metrics to identify weaknesses and recommend improvements.

  • CX/MX Journey Mapping

    Leverage all available data to map and evaluate your customer journey, identifying pain points, recommending strategies for improvement, and generating actionable insights.

  • Loyalty Ideation Workshop

    Through an ideation exercise with key stakeholders, we will take the lead in turning abstract ideas into a list of program concepts and immediate enhancements.

  • Loyalty Launch & Planning

    This comprehensive resource outlines a pilot program structure, implementation plan, training plan, and post-launch measurement guide tailored to your specific needs.

  • Marketing Jumpstart

    Optimize your existing program with a suite of targeted loyalty campaigns designed to deliver tangible insights and complement your program design goals.

  • Next Best Action Marketing Plan

    Increase customer engagement and grow lifetime value by focusing on a limited, yet impactful, set of behaviors that are mapped to move each customer through a relevant  and personalized marketing path.

  • Strategic Vision & Roadmap

    We will develop a dynamic roadmap to guide program evolution and identify themes for short- and long-term program vision, resulting in a detailed 3-year strategic plan.