Rational loyalty is fundamental to any program, yet serving the customer’s basic rational needs is insufficient on its own.

A successful program requires an ideal balance of rational and emotional loyalty. With Brierley’s Loyalty Quotient you will discover the the right balance and how to uniquely win the hearts and minds of the customers you want to attract.

“Brierley has the most advanced emotional loyalty measurement tools in our study. The Brierley Loyalty Quotient (BLQ), which compares emotional and behavioral loyalty, has strong use cases, including identifying products that drive highest loyalty levels and benchmarking against key competitors.”  

Forrester, April 2021 Loyalty Services Wave.

Analytic learnings that unlock your true loyalty potential.

  • Quickly Uncover what your Customers Love about your Brand

    We score your brand on rational and emotional loyalty, allowing you to identify strengths and address opportunities from a short customer survey.

  • Make Direct Comparisons to your Competitors

    Your brand scores and attributes will be compared to those of your competitors, complete with a share-of-wallet opportunity view.

  • Action BLQ Insights

    Your loyalty scores are indexed on 14 distinct attributes, enabling short-term focus on specific items – and we provide you with an interactive dashboard so you can slide and dice across myriad business dimensions.

  • Track your Progress

    Deploy the BLQ quarterly, half-yearly or annually to track progress across key audience segments – a simple alternative to cumbersome brand tracking