C-Store Loyalty Reimagined

Brierley’s Award-Winning Program Launch for 7-Eleven

Brierley’s team has decades of C-Store loyalty experience and has launched programs for two of the top five C-Store brands in North America.


Our work for the leading C-Store brand began with researching, piloting, and then launching their first loyalty program. Over the years we helped fuel the growth of the program and in 2018 Brierley launched the new 7Rewards in the United States and Canada to redefine convenience and develop engaging experiences of the future.  Brierley’s scalable LoyaltyOnDemand platform was key to executing the new 7Rewards program, supporting millions of transactions a day across over 8,500 stores.   

When 7-Eleven, the leading C-Store brand in North America, came to Brierley in 2011 asking for greater visibility and insight into their customer base’s purchase behaviors and preferences, Brierley became their evolution partner. 7-Eleven was an amazing brand with a rich history, however, they lacked an understanding of their customers’ purchasing behavior at a 1:1 level. Brierley recommended a crawl phase that would allow 7-Eleven to identify best customers and start a programmatic relationship with customers while giving the organization time to evolve to a loyalty mindset. Brierley built 7-Eleven a punch card program focused on their top purchase activity – coffee. This program quickly became a customer favorite and allowed 7-Eleven to fully understand customer behavior at a level that was absent up to that point. It was a huge success on every level.

After a few years of expanding the program to reward members for the purchase of any cups—no longer just coffee—Brierley helped 7-Eleven evolve yet again. The punch card-based loyalty program transformed into a hyper-personalized, partner-integrated, and feature-rich loyalty program; the first of its kind. The program redefined loyalty in the C-Store industry, winning the 2019 Loyalty360 Technology Platinum award and the 2019 Loyalty Magazine Best New Program Launch award.

In 2018, Brierley launched the powerful new version of 7Rewards in the United States and Canada. Using our proprietary rules-based decision engine and the power and scalability of LoyaltyOnDemand®, Brierley helped grow the program to support millions of transactions a day across over 8,500 stores, serving members with relevant and targeted offers.

The new 7Rewards was a points-based program designed to increase members’ trips and basket size while also gathering rich member data to personalize the member’s experience.

The program relaunch exceeded brand goals; member enrollment increased by nearly 300%.

The updated program Brierley launched included the follow program mechanics :

  • Points
  • Promotional Coupons & Bonus Offers (targeted criteria based on location, member status, age-verified status, opt-in status, preferences, engagement, etc.)
  • Frequency Cards (Vendor-Funded)
  • Rewards
  • Arbitration Engine (to adjudicate baskets and send down the appropriate discounts)
  • Expanded Ways to Self-Identify (App, Card, and Alt ID)
  • Augmented Reality Integration
  • Promo Codes
  • Frequency Streaks (i.e., transact three times in the next week, get 1K points)
  • Item Specific Streaks (i.e., buy five bags of Doritos over next month, get 3K points)


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