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Through our proven loyalty design process, we know what motivates customers both rationally and emotionally. We bring a customer-centric focus and our strategic expertise to each and every program we design creating world-class revenue-generating customer loyalty programs. 

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Informed by research and data, and empowered by our proprietary technology, our program design professionals help clients build robust programs and initiatives that have secured the loyalty of millions of valued customers around the globe.

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“All too often brands focus solely on driving transactions without really knowing the emotional drivers that create a foundation for true lifetime loyalty. Building real customer relationships requires a total commitment company-wide; the effort may seem significant, but so is the return.”

John Pedini, CMO, Brierley

Brands all over the world have hired us to improve their loyalty and customer relationship initiatives.

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Famous Footwear

Brierley created “Famously You”, a customer-focused program, shattering engagement metrics and initiating a nation-wide rollout.


Brierley’s capacitive touch technology helped a beer restaurateur in Japan capture new and old customers for the iconic brand.