Social Strategy + Engagement

  • Engaging Customers with
    Social Media

    When it comes to social engagement strategy, we firmly believe that success relies on the deliberate integration of social media into a comprehensive multichannel loyalty and CRM strategy. We research opportunities and create loyalty initiatives around the real-time interaction that only social media can provide. By engaging customers, we are able to drive social loyalty, improve the overall customer experience, and in turn create social brand advocates in the marketplace.

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  • Measuring Social Strategy Success

    Talking about utilizing social media for your brand is one thing, but measuring its success is another thing entirely. Through LoyaltyOnDemand® integration, you will have full access to a social media engagement dashboard. This analytics hub allows for the monitoring of social media campaigns, and couples that measurement with competitive assessments, insights, reporting, and interactive dashboards. Rules can be set up regarding your loyalty program’s social impact, and these rules can be used to measure how engaged a social media user is with your loyalty program, down to the dollars and cents. Combined with a comprehensive view of your brand’s social media reputation, this dashboard has everything a brand could need to measure their social loyalty success, and much more.

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