Brierley Campaign Module

The most effective tool to ensure the right message is heard by the right person at the right time through the right channel.

  • Relevant Messages Meet Qualified Customers

    Brierley Campaign is our functionality-rich campaign management tool informing everything from personalized, multichannel touchpoints to real-time customer interactions to customer-centric, targeted offers. Today’s customers receive more information at faster speeds than ever before, so now more than ever, you need to make sure that all of your interactions with customers are efficient, effective, and engaging. No solution hits on all three of those needs like Brierley Campaign.

    The PowerUp program drives share of wallet of existing customers, maximizes the value of a large spender, and is a platform for acquiring customers and launching new digital businesses.
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  • Digital Solutions for a Multichannel World

    Brierley Campaign makes it unbelievably easy to send personalized offers, promotions, product coupons, or online surveys to your customers across the messaging channels they're actually using. Whether your audience would be best served by messaging via the web, social media platforms, text messages, email, or even direct mail, Brierley Campaign empowers you to send the right message through the right channel with a fully responsive and optimized design. By targeting customers through the most relevant channel, you can rest assured that every dollar you spend is being allocated as efficiently as possible. Coupled with top-notch results measuring, Brierley Campaign completes the premier digital solutions.

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  • The Next Best Offer

    To reduce the time-to-market of your real-time online marketing communications, Brierley Campaign empowers you to determine the next best offer or message to automatically deliver to your specific customers. With Brierley Campaign, you can automate the next best marketing communications without having to run multiple campaigns. Coupons and messages can be activated for a particular timeframe, and if multiple offers are sent, the content can be displayed to promote your brand in multiple ways.

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  • The Campaign Builder

    When building your marketing campaign, you can utilize transactional data to segment and qualify members for specific marketing communications. This means you can select the customers you’re targeting based on personal details such as demographics, psychographics, purchase behavior, social network activity, and desired communication channel. You can also segment customers for predefined tests and control strategies, and assign offers and other campaign attributes to customers, tiers, or segments. The Campaign Builder also empowers users to choose the best target market to receive specific communications, and define the output needed for communication delivery, messaging, or reporting. There simply is no more effective or user-friendly marketing campaign builder available.

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Brierley Campaign Features

  • • Campaign Template
    As your library of marketing campaigns grows in Brierley Campaign, you can save effective and frequently-used campaigns (or even small elements of campaigns) as templates. If it works, we make it easy to keep using.

    • File Building
    When selecting fields within your campaign, you can use the Campaign file builder for easy-to-use, drag and drop access to customer selections without the need for SQL knowledge.

    • Campaign Validation
    After you create your custom segmentation, Campaign allows you to validate your campaign to ensure that all steps were created correctly. Rest assured knowing when your campaign launches, it will be completely structurally sound and ready to deploy.
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