Database Management Services

  • Fully Leverage Your Data

    The most important element of any loyalty program is your customer data, and Brierley is committed to both keeping that data safe and maximizing what you learn from it. Our seasoned database management services team helps you take pieces of information about each program member and turn them into relevant experiences. We offer an unmatched range of database services, from mapping and analysis of legacy client systems to building, hosting, and supporting full customer data integration solutions.

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  • Pristine Data Hygiene

    We leverage core master data management principles in integrating and performing hygiene on disparate sources. Our open architecture easily allows for integration with third-party data sources. This is not only for purely operational tasks such as NCOA, but also for insight-driven demo/psychographic data appends and external prospecting. All of this is done with the expressed goal of providing our clients with the insights they need.

    Utilizing our Brierley Data360™ technology product, our marketing database experts operate our various client customer data warehouses, managing separate householding, matching, file processing, and ETL processing rules for hundreds of millions of individual records.

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