Products and Services

Our intuitive and easy-to-use platform is configured with everything you need to execute your loyalty strategy and measure its success.

  • Customer Profile

    • Configurable profile and preferences
    • Account balances (loyalty currency, challenges, spend)
    • Tiers with respective benefits
    • Member merging, transfers and gifting (points/rewards)
    • Survey-powered, incremental profiling
  • Loyalty Accrual and
    Rules Engine

    • Transactional and engagement accrual
    • Multicurrency programs
    • Promotion configuration wizard
    • Request credit for purchases
    • Advanced rule simulation to promote acquisition
  • Rewards

    • Digital and physical catalog (with or without point consumption)
    • Global currency exchange (points as cash)
    • Per member reward choice with progress visualization
    • Sweepstakes and charitable donations

Track behavior and engage your audience with real-time, personalized communications—rewarding customers and winning their hearts and minds.

  • Campaign

    • Intuitive Quick Campaign wizard
    • Advanced segmentation and auto control groups
    • Consolidated marketing calendar
    • Triggered and scheduled execution
    • Reusable audiences
  • Gamification &

    • Refer-a-friend
    • Badges
    • Spin to win and scratch off
    • Challenges
    • Augmented reality integration
    • B-stamp: digital/mobile stamp
  • Digital

    • Multi/single-use and date/time-restricted
    • Real-time arbitration and redemption (without barcodes)
    • Location-aware offers
    • Globally available or targeted
    • Digital wallet unifies store and e-commerce experience
  • Communications

    • Real-time, triggered messaging
    • Dynamic, personalized content
    • Email and SMS messaging
    • Push notifications and in-app messaging
    • Multilingual communications
    • Offered as a service or via marketing cloud integration

Evolve at the speed of your business with seamless channel and partner integration, all while complying with global privacy laws.

  • Data Privacy

    • Configurable definition of PII
    • Customer identity management
    • Data subject access request
    • Right to be forgotten/deleted
    • Encryption in motion and at rest
    • In-region hosting
  • Integration

    • Secure, public REST API
    • Microservices architecture
    • Auto-scale deployments
    • Multi-tenant and single instance options
    • Extensive partner integration