Manage Liability and Maximize Revenue for 2020

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In 2018, U.S. companies had to change their accounting methods surrounding loyalty liability, greatly impacting revenue recognition. Understand the impact of these changes, review financial examples from top loyalty programs, and learn best practices to mitigate the impact on your company’s financial performance in Mind the GAAP: Managing Loyalty Liability & Maximizing Revenue in a New Era.

Accounting rarely makes any marketer’s Top 10 list for enthralling must-reads, but if you have a loyalty program, or are contemplating one, sharpen your pencils and grab your pocket protectors. The good news is you won’t need to call your CPA or dust off that Accounting 101 textbook. This Brierley white paper covers everything you need to know in three sections.
Section 1: Summarizes accounting changes, potential impacts to your bottom line, and reporting needs
Section 2: Illustrates how these changes are impacting several leading programs’ financials
Section 3: Highlights best-in-class strategies and tactics to maximize loyalty program results in this new era... 

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