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    Success that is Measurable

    Brierley SurveyWare™ helps you measure the effectiveness of your loyalty program to help keep it moving in the right direction. We combine polling and survey data from loyalty and non-loyalty members to create a visual representation of program effectiveness and to understand the attitudes and beliefs of your customers and loyalty program members. From there, we empower you to iterate upon your loyalty program to maximize potential transactions and brand engagement. Brierley SurveyWare™ is where measurement meets profit.

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    Survey Response Targeting

    There are plenty of products and services that offer survey solutions, but Brierley SurveyWare™ is truly in a class of its own when it comes to segmentation. Not only do we accurately and insightfully poll your loyalty base, we also allow you to create segmented marketing campaigns built to target only loyalty members who responded to surveys in a particular way. In today’s digital marketplace, the more specifically you can speak to a customer, the more likely you are to close additional sales, and create more brand evangelists.

    Additionally, with Brierley SurveyWare™, you can award loyalty member groups for their survey participation through:

    Rewards/Coupons send to their Loyalty Wallet
    Enrolling them in specific promotions
    Awarding them with point value bonuses

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    Build Custom Survey Logic

    With Loyalty Navigator’s survey application, in conjunction with SurveyWare, you can build customized survey flowcharts. The purpose of these is to build out surveys whose questions are based on previous answers. This way, users are provided with extremely customized survey experiences, which are optimized for their unique participation.

    Flowcharts are built within numerous formats, and the presentation of questions can either follow specific logic sets, or be presented randomly. For ease of usability, multiple questions can also be presented on different pages.

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    Insightful Product Feedback

    Brierley SurveyWare™ isn’t just a retroactive tool to grade experience. It’s also a proactive tool to gauge the potential of marketing campaigns. By presenting loyalty members with potential marketing ideas and strategies, you can preemptively get a sense of the overall appeal of a concept. That way, you minimize time spent guessing, and maximize time spent profiting from successful campaign ideas.

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